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the unique roof box of new generation, is the result of many years of study of design, material properties, and market requirements. Dimension 205x85x35 is based on many years of experience of designers and presents a compromise between volume, design, and aerodynamics. The box looks dynamic and is a luxurious addition to any car. Due to its size, it is suitable for almost any kind of cars - Hatch, Combi, Suv, Van. The ergonomic shape of the lower part ensures even distribution of weight of any transported load.

Sophisticated design



Transverse and longitudinal rigidity of the box is not only provided by sophisticated longitudinal trim, but also by reinforced steel rails, in which clamping system is embedded. The box is developed in collaboration with the design studio Dr. Pavel, who was involved in the development of world class roof boxes. Dynamic features, clean shapes, and unique design elements determine the uniqueness of this box. Due to the precise engineering and designer work, the box is successful not only on the European market, but also world market.

Top quality material
In terms of materials, Northline Tirol Boxes of series 2017 belong to the absolute top quality class. The box is manufactured in a fully automated factory - Neumann (CZ). Material 5 mm ABS (Acrylonitrilbutadienstyrene), which is an amorphous thermoplastic industrial copolymer, is particularly resistant to the mechanical stress of PMMA (Acryl Protect) and has a layer for maintaining mechanical and visual properties. Only the world 's top producers of roof boxes use this combination.

Northline Tirol 
This layer protects the box against UV light. The material retains its intrinsic stiffness and flexibility. It does not degrade over the years and does not become fragile and malleable. At the same time, black version of the boxes is protected against overheating from the sun.

Two clamping mechanisms
The box is equipped with two clamping mechanisms - quick release mechanism for the diameter up to 50 mm and "T" series for mounting to any carriers equipped with "T" slot. (Whisbpar, WingBar, Atera RDT, Rhino Racks,... )

In addition, the box is provided with side handles, which again in terms of the complexity of the production is used by only a narrow group of professional producers (excluding anthracite design). This ensures easy handling over the years, which greatly facilitates the opening and closing of the box. The box can of course be operated from two sides, is equipped with 6-position lock with aluminium shaft and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Northline Tirol 2017 is the only product on the market that has an elegant spoiler on the back of the box. It is not merely a design element, but the spoiler reduces the rotation of air at the back. This dramatically mutes the sound frequency occurring at high speeds.

Northline Tirol  is produced in versions:

North 4

  • Anthracite 5mm ABS 
  • Black high glossy 5mm ABS + PMMA
  • Whitehigh glossy 5mm ABS + PMMA
  • Silver high glossy 5mm ABS + PMMA
  • Carbon 5mm ABS + PMMA
  • SE - Special version (custom color + carbon) 5mm ABS + PMMA

Actual Models: 

  • Northline Tirol
  • Northline Family
  • Northline EVOspace
  • Northline ECOspace
  • Northline Element
  • Northline Yetti




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